Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Bubbles and Cheeky asked me about the book Naked.. So glad they ask..cos this gave me something to talk about. i am running out of things to blog! hehehe

I got "Naked" in year 2002 and have only started reading it a few days ago!
Actually, i read it before ... but stopped reading it in Nov 2002! I was at page 125 then! The problem with me is that i keep buying books but never finish or start reading them...till like years later!

Anyway... back to the book...

First things first.. It's NOT Porn. Sorry guys.. hahaha

It's only 291 pages thick. I am at page 31. hehe. I read a few pages in the train everyday.. So don't expect a good review from me. :D

Anyway.. so far, it is really funny. There are times when i find myself laughing (not too loudly i hope) while reading it in the train. David Sedaris, the author, wrote about his life as a kid..and his family. He's gay by the way.. just thought you wanted to know. He wrote about it in Naked.
Here's an excerpt from it. Can't wait to read that chapter!

I also have his other book "Me Talk Pretty One Day" which i have read half-way (again!). This book is very funny too. I just love his humour! I remembered i kept laughing when i was reading it. His viewpoints on life is so true! and funny!

Er.. that's all.. told you it's not a good review hehehe. For better reviews, please check out amazon.co.uk. hehehe

I hope you'll get the chance to read some of David Sedaris' books.
Oh if you happen to see this girl reading "Naked" and laughing in the train, it's probably me. :D


defy angel said...

hi fat finger, is it only available online? Spore bookstores have or not? need some funny books to lift up my spirits....

Fat Fingers said...

defy_angel : Borders should have it. I saw "Me talk pretty one day" at borders before. Naked should be available in borders. If you can't find it there, you can ask them to order it for you. :) Have fun reading!

Anonymous said...

Is the book that dunny? I have so much time on hand that I think it's killing me.

Time to head for the bookshop... Hee..

Cowboy Caleb said...

you could get a pda and download books to read for free instead and save a bundle.

Bubblemunche said...

Wow. I felt 'funny' after reading that excerpt. I hope that doesn't mean anything.


cheeky said...

Ha, I borrowed one of his book today. It's called "holidays on ice". Thanks fingers. Now got another author to add to my list.

Anonymous said...

I always read hilariously funny books in the train and end up laughing like an idiot. Pfft!


ningx said...

the world has changed.
because ningx is reading a chinese book.
for the first time in her life.
i can't help but read on and have to really force myeslf to put it down sometime.
i guess i started this chinese book craze.
i also borrowed 'big fish'! :D
and i have this book about philosophy and another book about a deaf girl's waiting for her boy to come back during WW2.
got so many books waiting for me hor?
but i have to wait till after Os then can read leh. :(
anyway, you seem to be enjoying the book! :D
i hope you laugh lots!
and hopefully no one think you're mad!
i started laughing while reading the chinese book that day and my friend commented that she would think i'm siao if she didn't know me.

JanK said...

lol. i think i'm going to try to borrow "naked". =p

xoxo Jank

Fat Fingers said...

Anon : Yes it is funny. Do read it

Cowboy : I have a PDA.. but i prefer to read a REAL book hehe

Bubbles : You mean you are good at making your bed is it? haha

Cheeky : You are most welcome. do do a review on it ok hehe

Ambiga : Yeah.. hehe i am sure people must be thinking you're nuts..

Ningx : I have not touched a chinese book for a long long time.. i should read more chinese hehe.

Jank : You have to get hold of it hehe :D Enjoy!