Thursday, February 03, 2005


I helped my mama made some peanut cookies last night for CNY.. i was so tired..we finished at 12.30am...

But i had a great time.. cos it's just me and my mama.. and we talked a bit.I am going to miss times like this when i go away :(

Anyway, i was helping her and all of a sudden she said, "You better learn how to make the cookies so that when you get married and move to the UK you can make them yourself."

I was surprised she said that.. I guess she has accepted me and The Boyfriend?

I quickly took the opportunity to tell her more about The Boyfriend and also to remind her that he will be here this Saturday and if she could please take out the mattress and put them out under the sun..

She grumbled and said.. "Aiyoh, you two not married yet, don't sleep in the same room lah.." But when i got back from work today, the mattress was out at the balcony. Hehehe

Yeah..I'm so excited! I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and i think i like it. la-la-la

Can't wait to be at the airport on Saturday! YAHOOO!!


Anonymous said...

heh fatfingers:)
would u be so kind as to share your peanut cookies with me? whose mummy is like the epitome of career woman and like, would never ever bake cookies? like i can meet u somewhere near ur workplace in exchange for say a nice single tulip or rose or sunflower or daisy haha.

and i totally wish my parents were so YAAAY about ks. arghs. irritating man.


Jayaxe said...

Yes, your family has accepted fate! I think no point to force you to do the things you don't want and that things might get worse also.

I can feel that your mama is still quite unwilling, but in the end she still want to see you happy. So treat her well! Hehe.

Cowboy Caleb said...

when you have your first kid, your mother will have forgotten all her anxiety

Zen|th said...

There's only 1 more to Saturday!

The way your mother said it, I think she already has accepted your boyfriend. Or that she trusts you enough to know what you're doing.

Have a good time when the boyfriend comes! :)

Bubblemunche said...

Aiyoh, reading this post makes me feel so excited for you too :D! Keke, I've just been to the airport on Wednesday....

FF said...

I wanna go with you to the airport! hehehe

Yours Potatoly said...

Sigh. What's it with parents and 'you-are-not-married-thus-you-cannot-sleep-in-the-same-room-lest-on-the-same-bed-lest-you-get-a-baby'.

Fat Fingers said...

Shan : How about peanut cookies for a box of bak gua? :D Someday your parents will accept KS. They just need to see how happy you are when you are with him :)

Jayaxe : Yes i think she is still secretly hoping i will have a local boy as my bf hehe Yeah! I will definately treat her well.

Cowboy Caleb : Hahaha kids! er..

Zen|th : Thanks! I will have a good time.

Bubbles : Your special friend back from Germany? Yeah i am so excited! hehehehehe hope i can sleep tonight!

FF : Sure! See you at 7am! :D Don't be late! hahaha

Yours Starrily : Well.. that's how it is sometimes...