Monday, February 14, 2005


Finally i have some time to update my blog. Been so busy with The Boyfriend.

CNY was great. I brought him to visit my relatives.. Some of my aunties from my father's side acted blur and didn't give him any angbaos! GRRR hehehe. The relatives from my mum's side were great. They all welcomed him and gave him many angbaos. One of my cousins even asked The Boyfriend if he wanted his full name so that we can send him an air ticket for him to come and attend our wedding in England. HAHAHA

We spent the past few days researching laptops as i need one for school this Sept. I got an Acer - 4003LCI(d). It's the best value for money. Fujitsu and Toshiba are too expensive for me..I cannot afford. We got it at a special price after much haggling. $2313! The price includes the upgrade to a 1gb of memory. I can't wait to collect it this Wednesday.. I can finally play my Sims 2! So exciting!! hohoho. I am going to create Dick in my Sim game and then torture him.. muahaha

Anyways.. yes.. I am having such a good time with The Boyfriend. My mum is enjoying his company too. Woohoo! She told us to apply for an HDB flat then rent it out while i'm at the UK. He thinks it is a great idea so he has been doing lots of research online and even went to the bank today to check on mortgages..

We are both so excited about our future hee hee. :D


Jayaxe said...

Wah, already decided to wed in England? So are you intending to book Buckingham Palace for the exchange of vows? Heh.

Seriously, the get-a-flat-then-rent-it is a good idea. Some way to earn good passive income! But did you check whether you can get one if you intend to migrate?

Fat Fingers said...

haha nothing is confirmed yet. we are just planning :D

Yeah, we are checking the website and will check with hdb soon. All these things.. so luan. so many rules.. hehe

Bubblemunche said...

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU :D!!! The Mother has finally accepted The Boyfriend :D!!

sari said...

WoW!! Its nice to know yr soooo happy! hehehe getting married soon yeah... Hey, its bout time!!! wooohoooo!!! Id love to go to UK someday too! Have more fun okay!!

defy angel said...

Yo Fat fingers.... Seems like u are really enjoying urself...hehe...

Happy Valentine Day!

Yours Potatoly said...

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

So happy to know everything is fine for you!!

Hope everything continue to be very fine for you and The BF!!


ningx said...

wah so long never see you thought you forgot your old flames..oops i meant blog readers liao! :)
you want my full name too? heh heh! just kidding lah.
you know i saw a couple in chinatown few days before new year and it was a chinese + ang moh couple..i was wondering to myself whether that was you! then i got home and remembered i should have checked for FEI FEI DE SHOU CHI. hahahahaha!
happy new year man! :) we are all happy for you.

Zen|th said...

So until when is the boyfriend staying?

Glad your mother has finally accepted your boyfriend. =)

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Yes! So excited for you!

Fat Fingers said...

Everyone : i am happy too!
My mother is starting to accept him.

Ningx : Maybe it is me leh cos we went there a few days before CNY hehehe.