Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Ancient Beauty

My grandma, The Ancient Beauty, is 99 years old today!

Happy Birthday PoPo!!

My grandma used to sell kuehs around the Bugis area. If you grew up in that area, you might have seen her before. She's the old woman with the very very loud voice, pushing a cart full of kuehs and shouting all the names of the kueh in cantonese.

I remember staying with grandma when i was younger. Every afternoon, i'd look forward to her coming back because she'd come back with my favourite Char Siew rice and bbq pork ribs. And of course, she'd come home with a bottle of Guinness Stout. She'd share a bottle with my uncle and they would chat or just sit there silently, enjoying their stout and the bbq pork ribs. After finishing her stout, she'd go to her room to count her earnings for the day. Sometimes i would help her. It was so fun.


I love my grandma a lot.. so much that it can be abusive sometimes hohoho.

I'm always very impatient with my grandma. I get really annoyed when she doesn't want to eat because she thinks there's not enough.. I know.. that's nice of her.. but there's a lot on the plate..and we have assured her there's enough for everyone but she still doesn't want to eat. Sometimes i think she wants to eat more but she doesn't dare to hmm it's not that we are stopping her from eating.. but she just gave me that feeling.

When I offer her food, she'd say "No, you can have it." And i'll get annoyed.. and say things like.. "NO, YOU EAT IT! THERE'S ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. IT'S 2005 NOW. YOU'RE NOT LIVIING IN THE 1930S ANYMORE! WHEN I ASK YOU TO EAT, YOU EAT! DON'T ARGUE WITH ME! EAAAAT! YOU BETTER FINISH THE FOOD!!"

Anyway, yeah, a few days ago, i had to have dinner with her.. alone. I was dreading it actually. I was grumbling and i was telling her to eat and i suddenly realised i should be so thankful that she has the strength to resist and reject all the food i gave her! She's 99 yrs old. She still has the strength to eat on her own. We don't have to feed her or bathe her. She's very healthy. She's not senile. She's the best!


Because of some annoying and inconsiderate relatives, grandma's birthday dinner will be held this Saturday.. I am looking fwd to the good food. And because some of my relatives are so superstitious, there will be no birthday cake this saturday (to cut a bday cake after the actual day will bring bad luck). So i bought a cake today for grandma. Durian ice cream cake! Yummy!! I asked for 9 big candles and 9 small ones and lit all of them! haha I actually wanted to take a pic of my grandma in a pair of sunnies blowing the know... too many candles.. too bright? I thought it was funny but i didn't want to be rude..... hehe.


snowystars said...

ahhhh ... u too have this love-hate relationship with ur popo ya .. too bad u didn't get a pic of your popo with the cake ... wld love to see it. both my popo are gone, how i miss them.

Bubblemunche said...

Bubblemunche wishes Fingers' PoPo a happy birthday :D!!

I wish I can be as springly as your Popo when I'm, er, 75 :P?

Anonymous said...

your popo is soooo cool! to have an ice-cream durian cake! did she finish a slice? or like alot of slices? my ahgong loves chocolate cake. yummm. haha. don't u think so? she'd have looked really cute with sunglasses! did she managed to blow out the candles? its like 18 candles! (i couldnt even blow out 18 candles 2 years ago when i turned 18, bummer.)


FF said...

Happy birthday to granny! It's my granny's bday too today. She's 73.

Jayaxe said...

Regards to your grandma!

Anyway, that reminds me of the day when the family celebrated my grandpa's birthday. When the cake was presented in front of him, the grandpa went to the kitchen to take a chopper to cut the cake! Still can vividly remember this hilarious moment. Hehe.

aish said...

yay! Happy Birthday PoPo!

my popo oso like to deprive herself of food and keep em for us brats. haiz!

btw, it was ultra sweet of u to get her a birthday cake :)

cheeky said...

I remembered an ah mah selling popiahs and kueys below fortune restaurant at Toa Payoh. She's cute. Wearing a pair of thick black rim glasses and blue apron. Used to buy fishballs from her on my way home from school.

Bubblemunche said...

Cheeky: Jeepers! I remember that Ah Ma too! You know, we might have bumped into each other, or were even classmates before :D!

Fat Fingers said...

i've seen that ah ma before too! hehehehehe maybe we all were in the same sch hehe

Thank you everyone for wishing my popo a happy birthday. i just forced her to eat another slice of the durian ice cream cake wahahahahaha.

oh yeah, she had to get help from my nieces to blow out the birthday candles hehe

FF, happy birthday to your grandma too! :)

Jayaxe, your ah gong so cute haha chopper! next time i take chainsaw hohohoho to scare my grandchewren.

Cowboy Caleb said...

Happy birthday to your popo!!

eh post a pic of your popo selling kueh leh

ningx said...

happy bd to your popo! :)
my mom also like that one leh...always dont want to eat because she thinks theres not enough...
anyway, i never see ah ma selling kuehs before..probably not born yet :(
you are such a sweet grand daughter. :)

Fat Fingers said...

Cowboy, last time i was still young.. don't have my own camera so i never snap pics of my grandma leh. I don't think anyone took pics of that.. :(

Ningx : You too young already hehe but i think she was still selling kueh in the 1980s. Till 1987 i think.. i think you not born yet also hehehe