Monday, January 10, 2005


Today has been such a busy day...
I've been grumpy almost the whole day..

Was approaching the traffice light on the way to work and the green man was supposed to appear but it didn't.. why?? Because the stupid people who were there before me didn't press the button! ARGH! If you don't press the button, the green man will not come out! And then there were some idiots who kept pressing the button after that!
Please lor! As if the more you press, the faster the Green Man will come out is it???

Green Man : Oh no, somebody is pressing the button! Oh.. that person pressed 5 times! Another one pressed it 13 times.. I better hurry!

When i got into the train, i saw this stupid lady LEANING against the pole! For goodness sake! It's the peak period! The train is crowded! So don't lean on the pole! I have nothing to hold on to! You want to do a pole dance is it?!?!?

The moment i got into my office.. i wanted to go home immediately.. Argh!

I got so many emails asking me to do lots of things and many were unnecessary! While i was trying to do all those things, these people kept emailing me to ask me to send it to them ASAP! I hate the word ASAP! I only like it only when i get to use it.. Anyway, i did all my stuff ASAP and sent them all off..

And then i realised, something was wrong with the data! When the bosses transferred the data to the new system.. it didn't really just TRANSFER the data.. it just messed up all the data! So i had to fix it!

WHY? WHY? WHY? Why can't people just do their work properly? Why must i always be the one to clear up the mess??

And while i was sorting out the mess.. it just got messier and there were so many problems. Went to inform Dick about it and he said.. "Yeah we knew about the problem" .. OK You knew there was a problem.. SO WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US EARLIER??!?!?!

So annoying!

Finally, it was time to leave the office.. and i was walking to the train station.. trying to get to the underpass... and this family of 4 idiots.. just blocked the escalator! Their son..maybe 7 - 8 yrs old was afraid of the escalator so he didn't want to get on the escalator! Please!! If you are scared, use the traffic lights next time.. or use the stairs! They wasted about 10sec of my time and there were about 10-20ppl trying to get onto the escalator! It took me about FOUR very loud "EXCUSE ME?!?" before they decided to give way. They didn't even say sorry!

When i was walking along the underpass.. i saw that boy begging for money again! That boy who said his father and mother are not working.. so he is there begging for money! For goodness sake! Go find a job! I wanted to tell him off.. but i thought.. ah.. what the hell..

Yeah.. so i finally made it to the train station.. got into the train.. and guess what i saw? Another woman leaning on the pole! Please! The pole is not for you to LEAN. It is for you to hold on to! Argh!

I hope tomorrow will be a better day!


Jayaxe said...

Yes! I don't know why people block escalators. I don't know why people like to stand on both sides of escalators, and blocking express traffic!

But you almost freaked me out with that talking Green Man. I'll die of heart attack if this really happen! Haha.

littlecartnoodles said...

Aiyoh ! You really had a bad day.

Green Man : I don't think those buttons even work ! Do they ?

"EXCUSE ME" is not a convenient phrase to shout. Next time, try "SIAM AH !!!"

Bubblemunche said...

Argh!! I hate it when people didn't press the Green Man and expect it to come on too :P!

The little misadventures we have at work everytime....

ningx said... bloody irritating.
dont like ppl to lean on the pole one...then i very bu zhi zai..nothing to hold...

Fat Fingers said...

yah.. too many of these people around. .argh! Maybe next time i take bus... hmmmmmm hehehe