Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What say you?

You know how sometimes someone dies and the reporters will interview the friends, colleagues etc and they will say how good that person is blah blah blah..

Well i heard this on the radio the other day... and this principal was making a comment about her student who died from the tsunami. "XXX was a cheerful girl who brought much joy to her class. She's very active and participates in many school activties blah blah blah"

I wonder... did the principal really know the student at all? Cos when i was in school.. i don't think the principal or the teacher knew me at all! I kept such a low profile. i don't think the teachers even know that i existed.. Maybe they will just say.. "Oh.. Fat Fingers? Who? Oh that girl.. you mean she's not in class? I didn't even notice!"

Or my JC teachers might say.. "Oh Fat Fingers, wasn't she the girlfriend of the hottest guy in JC? Are they still together? We only know that she's his gf.. that's all.."

Anyway, i wonder.. when i really die... what will my friends say about me?

S & P (my good friends) : Fat Fingers is a beautiful, patient, kind, friendly and helpful person. She is the best friend that anyone could ever have. She is very understanding too.

My Hairstylist, Gabe : Fat Fingers has great hair. Till that day she died.. i gave her 18754 different hairstyles. And she liked them all!

COWorkers : Fat Fingers is the most hardworking, efficent and productive person in the dept. She doesn't surf the net during work and only goes for 1hr lunch break... 60min.. no more no less. She is better than our boss, Dick...


Jayaxe said...

Yah, you pointed out a very good observation there. Other than those national athletes or very remarkable scholars, the principal won't know the students at all! Then again, maybe he got feedback from teachers and say it during interviews, yeah?

Hey, don't think of dying at such an early age! But then, I also wonder what people will say when I die.

Sekali they go, "Orrr beeee!"

KnightofPentacles said...

Ideally, when it is my time to go...

[somebody breaks the bad news]
*stunned silence*
(quiet disbelief) ...he died doing WHAT ?!?
*general amazement and some horror*

Scarlett Ting said...

For me?

'She twirls.'
'She has the greatest twirls on earth'
'We finally realise why she needed the twirls when we saw her on the obituary'

Will I actually be missed? I seriously have no idea..

Who knows. Publicly they might say the nicest things, but with their backs turn..... well you never know. Hehehe.

Or maybe they will feel oblige to say nice things about me so I wun haunt them? Muahaha.

Did I hear hottest guy in JC! Oh my, hottest guy in JC uniform. Woo..

cheeky said...

hello, please tell us how you manage to seduce and snag the hottest guy in JC.

Fat Fingers said...

i am not thinking about dying at such a young age.. but i just wonder.. what will people say about me after i'm gone hehe Will they cry??

Yes.. i will write about the hottest guy in JC soon hehehehe

Hey KnightofPentacles, thanks for visiting :)

KnightofPentacles said...

Visiting? :)

I've been parked here for ages. Sitting quietly in the far corner. Listening to you talk about Dick and your COWorkers.

You should send some of those to Scott Adams at the DNRC list.

Fat Fingers said...

KnightofPentacles : hahaha you've been very quiet! :D
Yeah i have thought of writing to Scott Adams.. Maybe i will write him a mail over the weekend. I love Dilbert! :D

Zen|th said...

I think that's right. Most of the time the principals hardly know the students. Only the top students. Any even if you were a bad student, they wouldn't be so bad as to humiliate you even when you're dead. Haha.

It's like Friendster testimonials you see. They always say good things.