Saturday, January 01, 2005

Helloooo 2005!!

It's finally 2005!

There are many things to look forward to this year..

1. The Boyfriend in Feb (34 days!!)

2. Bonus in end Feb
3. Saying goodbye to Dick(head) in July
4. Moving to the UK in Aug
5. Starting School in Sept

I am not looking forward to my birthday though.. cos I will be 28! Twenty eight!! TWO years to 30!! EEEK!

Oh yeah, & I have so much to do before i go to school.. like applying for the student visa, getting a loan from my mum or the bank.

The boyfriend has offered to sponsor some $$$ for my masters.. I'm touched. I told him i can't allow him to do that..He said and i quote "It is a partnership! You are my life partner!"
I wanted to cry when i heard that but instead i said.. "YAHOOO!" hehehe.
I love the boyfriend so much... i think i will propose to him hmmm hahaha

My mom just came into my room.. looked at me and said..."HAHAHA So funny, you look like a retard"

Me: "....."

She was referring to my new hairstyle..

EH.. but yesterday you told me I look cute worr! Like a doll! A Japanese Kokeshi doll! except that my hair has more layers...

I love getting my hair cut.. cos i always come out with a different look... and i'm happier too.. cos like my hair, i feel all my problems are all gone with the snip of the scissors........ and then they come back a few hours later... hehehe

Happy 2005 everyone! May your 2005 be wonderful, fruitful, peaceful and joyful!

Fat Fingers xxx


Bubblemunche said...

I love to cut my hair too! But more often than not, it comes out disasterous :P...

Fat Fingers said...

When i was in pri and sec school.. all my hairstyles were disastrous! hehehehehe

GraiFox said...

I refuse to cut my hair any shorter but i'll get it trimmed.


Sounds like you are in for a good year hope it goes well.

Happy New Year, from your friendly random blog usre.

Fat Fingers said...

Thanks GraiFox! Happy New Year to you too! :)

defy angel said...

Happy 2005! Wishes u a wonderful and happy year!

flannila said...

Hope you have a great year :o)

Happy Trails
Lesley Anne x

littlecartnoodles said...


Yours Potatoly said...

Oh my!! Your boyfriend is like SO romantic!! ARGH!!! Teeheehee. I like haircuts once in a long while. Hee.

Cowboy Caleb said...

your bf is damn hero. I must learn from his style.

cheeky said...

Happy new year. your bf is very sweet.