Saturday, January 08, 2005


I Feel so much better now..

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning cos i wasn't ready to face everyone...and i was still upset with everyone and myself..

I tried to stay in bed as long as i could.. but i was dying to have a pee..
By 1pm, i couldn't take it anymore and ran to pee.. it was the longest pee ever.. i think it was about 40 sec or longer.. I was like Austin Power.. you know.. when they defrost him after 30yrs in the "freezer" and the first thing he did was to pee and it goes on and on and on and on and on.. well you get the idea..

Anyway, all is ok now. There is peace..again.

Thank you everyone for all the msgs, advice and hugs :)

Fat Fingers is happy again. :)


cheeky said...

Come, let me give u a hug.
I move out to live on my own because of frequent quarrels. It does improve family relationship u know, at least for me lah. But then u moving to UK soon. So cherish the time u have with them.

Jayaxe said...

Next time put a chamber pot in your room.

No lah, just kidding! Hehe.

Fat Fingers said...

Thanks Cheeky! :) Yep, cherishing all the moments now that i get to spend with them. :)

Jayaxe, you know.. i was actually looking around my room to see what i can use to fill my pee with.. hohoho

tommi said...

Good to hear everything turns out fine for the chinese saying, there is no overnight grudges within a are borned to a family, you can't choose one, right? cheers!

Bubblemunche said...

Haha, when I have a quarrel with my family members I also hide in the room... I stay in the main bedroom so I can in comfort, keke....

Glad to hear everything is ok now! Big hug again :)!

ningx said...

yay! *hug*
:) awesomeness.

sari said...

sorry fingers~ I didnt read yr earlier post.. let me give you a big huggie!! Im glad everything is fine now. When too many people crowd under the same roof, it can be chaotic. Sometimes I hate my sis too.. at home, Im never that close to my siblings and Hans understands why now. he sorta dislikes my sis too.. hahaha my sis is too kaypoh n such a bitch at times~ very insensitive. Anyway, I think its right to ignore mini me. I like to think every kid isnt tat much of a kid these days! Ha, so I will like to treat kid or adult the same logical way. Maybe its time to get yr own space? heh

Fat Fingers said...

No worries, Sari Party Girl. :) Yeah.. i need to get out of the house.. too many people.. i cannot stand it. .and it's worst when they try to control me.. very sian. Can't wait to go to the UK!