Saturday, January 29, 2005

Not too long to go now!

This time, next week, The Boyfriend will be here! Yahoo!
I'm so excited!!

I've reminded my mama that The Boyfriend will be staying here again this time.. she wasn't happy at first and started to nag at me and said we should get married soon. When i told her we might do that after i graduate from school, she was happy. HAHAHA. I don't know why but she seems to be able to accept The Boyfriend now?

The Boyfriend has also just ordered a Chinese Language CD from Linguaphone. He wants to learn Mandarin so he can speak to my mama! And he even wants to write a letter to her (translated by me of course!). I am so touched that he is going through all these for us. :D I hope my mama will be touched too.

Can't wait to see them actually talking to each other. hahaha


sari said...

Babe!! Hooray for you!! I cant wait to hear more when he is finally here with you! That will be totally out of this world for you, isnt it~ hahahaha.. I hope he is the one for you too! He sounds so genuine, not like the usual ang moh. Bets of all, you will get eurasian kids.. wow cool leh!

Jayaxe said...

Make sure you don't teach him things like even the less vulgar sounding TA-MA-DE so he can never use them. Hehe.

Bubblemunche said...

Aiyoh, I know you can't post pics, but I'm so curious about how the two of you look like :D! Haha, six more days to your beloved :D!

Cowboy Caleb said...

tell your mom you're a big girl now lah

Fat Fingers said...

Sari Party Girl : HAHAHAHA "Not like the usual ang moh" hehehe that made me laugh. Yah i think if we have babies, they will be cute too! hehehe :D :D :D

Jayaxe : haha yeah i don't think i will teach him any..but he might learn it if he hears me using it hehe

Bubbles : He's big and bald..and i am small. :D

Cowboy Caleb : I always tell her that.. but to her.. i am only grown up when i get married :( Mothers are like that.. they like to worry..hehe

Anonymous said...

hey i love reading your blog. Hope you dont mind if i link u up =)

Fat Fingers said...

Hey Ambiga!
Thanks for dropping by.
Sure you can link it up :)
I am going to check out your blog now :D

Anonymous said...

heh thanks =) And good to know ur enjoying mine. So long as u dont doze off! ;p

FF said...

Does he have any hot brothers or friends?

Fat Fingers said...

haha his hot friends are all taken!
but not his brother..he meets all the criteria for you..except for age.. he's not in your desired age group hehehe