Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Croak Croak

I am croaking like a frog today!! My throat is still a little sore.. My fever keeps coming and going.. hmmmm I may go see the doc again tomorrow hehe hopefully get another 2 days MC.

Yeah, the doctor i visited yesterday was quite funny ...

Doctor : Oh no! You are sick!
Me : Yes.. *of course! then i come to the clinic for what??*
Doctor : Say "aaaah"
Doctor : Ok good. When was the last time you visited your dentist?
Me : Errr... *thinks to self..are my teeth that bad? i just brushed my teeth after lunch..* a few mths ago
Doctor : Oh, did he say anything about your wisdom tooth? It is coming out you know. You should get it extracted, otherwise it will decay and affect the other teeth as well.
Me : Oh.. ok. I will do that.
Doctor : It is not my profession but i just want to let you know.
Me : Oh ok thanks.

Yeah, so this coming June, i will get it extracted, and claim it under my dental benefit hehe. And i can also get a few days MC too! Muaahahahaha

Oh yeah, yesterday, there were 2 hags at the clinic and they were sitting next to me and they just kept yakking away. NON STOP! They were like 2 irritating flies buzzing next to my ear... It didn't help my headache at all.

One of them is called Jane.. I know because i heard her identifying herself when she called up her friends. "Hello, xxx? This is Jane ah... "

I got so fed up, i wanted to send a msg to her and tell her to "shut the f*** up"... so i turned on my bluetooth and tried to detect her phone and i found hers but i couldn't add her cos i don't know the password.. damn. Or maybe it is my own password. When i wanted to try again, it was my turn to see the doc.

When i got out from the Doc's room, this Jane was still talking on the phone! It's a clinic for goodness sake! People who are at the clinic are obviously not feeling well! So stop making so much noise! I kept turning around and gave them "The Eye" but they continued to talk and bitch about some staff from some shop who treat them like friends instead of customers and they talked about God etc. Idiots. I would have told them to shut up but i couldn't cos my throat hurts.

I don't know why people can be so inconsiderate sometimes. If you want to talk then do it outside the clinic! Stupid Jane!!!!


Anybody watched "Living with Lydia" this evening? Now there's a voice in my head that keeps saying.. "Chin Chang Udang dan bawang" !!! wah lau! it just keeps repeating in my head.. HELP!!! Get that earworm out of me!

Chin Chang Udang dan bawang
Chin Chang Udang dan bawang
Chin Chang Udang dan bawang
Chin Chang Udang dan bawang
Chin Chang Udang dan bawang


Cowboy Caleb said...

Chin Chang Udang dan bawang
Chin Chang Udang dan bawang

Shit now it's stuck in my head!!!

Jayaxe said...

Wah so high tech! Use BlueTOOT ah! How come you know she got Bluetooth phone? Just try?

defy angel said...

hope u get well soon! Drink gallon of water...and tonn of sleep...;)

Anonymous said...

you know if you remove your wisdom tooth, you get one week's worth of mc? serious! quick go pluck it out so that you can escape work haha.

my bf's plucking his right wisdom tooth, then his left. so he'd get 2 weeks mc! all on army benefit haha.

(and how old were those hags man?)


tommi said...

Yeah, I can understand how you feel at the clinic...the other type of clowns you get to feel agitated at the clinic are those that visit the doc with their entire family...grandma, husband, wife, children and maids included...and they probably have a tea chat with the doc in his / her room before the next patient gets the consultation. Maybe they can get a group discount...heeeheee...

Bubblemunche said...

Poor Fingers! Hope you'll get your super extended MC so you can have a good rest :)!

I wish I can rest at home too, but I'm very very busy :(....

sari said...

Babe! hope you get well soon!!! I extracted 2 wisdom teeth out before and seriously, its a lil scary! The dentist gave me a few injections but the way he knocked and pulled himself away from the dentist chair showed me how strong my wisdom tooth was! He said never has he met a girl with a tooth as strong as mine!! Im planning to extract 2 more, but maybe not now as Im a lil scared and they havent decay yet~ hahaha.. I cnat stand 'buzzy flies' too.. sometimes its so hard to tahan and giving them the eye just dun work.. so I did ask the flies to hush down before.. n they gave me the look back.. but the people who were there were relieved that I told em to hush it.. heehee