Tuesday, January 04, 2005

White Lies..

I went to get another haircut today. Gabe, my favourite (and only) hairstylist didn't charge me a single cent. Yahoo! I told him my mama thinks i look like a retard and it is too girly for me.. He wasn't offended but i think he was disappointed haha.
I didn't really like it too cos when I look at the mirror.. i don't see ME. I see a very girly girl..who looks like me.. but it's just not ME. Anyway it is much better now... I think it will look better when it's a bit longer.

Yeah! Gabe is the best hairstylist. He is very proud of me being one of his longest client haha and he has boasted to my friend S that he has given me 18 different hairstyles. Actually I think it was less than 18... anyway..

Yes.. i am obsessed about my hair. When i talk to the boyfriend online and have my webcam on, i will be checking out my hair hehe. And i complain so much about it.. Now he gets nervous when I go for a haircut! hahaha

The Boyfriend: has your hair changed?
Fat Fingers: YAY! You noticed!
Fat Fingers: not so square now my head?
The Boyfriend: no....MUCH better!
Fat Fingers: u think so or r u saying it so u can stop me from complaining? hahaha
The Boyfriend: no really hahaha I thought the shape of the old one from the front was good...but I knew there was something wrong with the sides...but I couldn't tell what it was! It looks really good now!
The Boyfriend: do you like it?
Fat Fingers: gabe didn't cut the front. he likes the front too
Fat Fingers: yes
The Boyfriend: yay!
Fat Fingers: i think that was too girly for me..
The Boyfriend: yeah I thought the front looked good
Fat Fingers: i just didn't see ME in the mirror.. get what i mean?
The Boyfriend: hmm maybe...I just think it was too square...too blocky
The Boyfriend: yes hahaha I was about to say it just wasnt you
Fat Fingers: yeah why didn't u tell me earlier? you ah! So you thought i really look like Spongebob Squarepants!!
The Boyfriend: I wanted to talk to you about this!
Fat Fingers: hahaha really? like.. when???
The Boyfriend: Today! Or yesterday but I forgot
Fat Fingers: hahahaha u ah!
The Boyfriend: I was watching Dr Phil
Fat Fingers: what did dr phil say?
The Boyfriend: and they had this section with a man who was a compulsive liar
Fat Fingers: ah!
The Boyfriend: and Dr Phil was talking about white lies
Fat Fingers: ah ok. so urs was a white lie huh??
The Boyfriend: and I wanted to know what you think about them?
The Boyfriend: Well it made me think and I realised I didn't know if the occassional white lie was ok or not...or whether you wanted me to be 100% honest all the time?
Fat Fingers: ah yes hehe
Fat Fingers: sometimes u need to tell some white lies. hehe
The Boyfriend: I mean...I don't want to hurt your feelings unnecessarily
Fat Fingers: i know
Fat Fingers: anyway.. gabe didn't charge me.. phew
Fat Fingers: i think my hair will look much better when it is longer
The Boyfriend: but I don't want to lie to you either...and I was thinking about the way you just told me you didn't like some of the things I'd bought you...and I thought that maybe you would want me to do the same and I realised by telling you a white lie I might disappoint you
The Boyfriend: ah that's good! I was going to ask about the $$
Fat Fingers: you are the best! maybe we can name our son Phil?
The Boyfriend: No that's a horrid name
Fat Fingers: hahaha yeah
The Boyfriend: Well are you going to tell me?
Fat Fingers: so now.. be honest.. u think my hair looks good now?
Fat Fingers: huh tell u what?
The Boyfriend: 100% honest I think it looks excellent!
The Boyfriend: What you expect of me!
Fat Fingers: yay!
The Boyfriend: hahaha
Fat Fingers: ah.. what i expect of u? as in...? like if u shld lie or not?
The Boyfriend: When you said your mum had said you looked like a retard...I thought hmmm she might have a point
Fat Fingers: really?!?!?!?!!? why you!
The Boyfriend: yeah I mean...if you put something on...like a pair of trousers and I really didn't like them...but you either a) really liked them, or b) weren't sure.....I really don't know what to do!
The Boyfriend: I love you so I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings but at the same time I would want to tell you the truth
The Boyfriend: thanks baby I feel 100% better already I think that was weighing on my mind
Fat Fingers: yeah i know.. someitmes i feel that way too baby.. hehe.. u just don't know what to say.. cos u want to be honest.. but u don't want to hurt the other person. the truth hurts..
Fat Fingers: ah.. that's why u were in a bad mood today??
The Boyfriend: sometimes...but I was thinking about when I asked you if you liked the shoes I bought you and you just said 'No!' hahaha I was hurt for a few mins but then I am ok and I realise at least I will know 100% if you like something or not!
Fat Fingers: yes hehe
Fat Fingers: u were so upset with me!
The Boyfriend: was I really upset?
Fat Fingers: yes!
Fat Fingers: u went to bed!
The Boyfriend: Oh no! I'm sorry!
The Boyfriend: My memory again hahaha
Fat Fingers: haha it's ok baby.. yes it was around dinner time then
Fat Fingers: yes.. haha
The Boyfriend: well all I will say now is that I am glad you told me! I was a bit worried about that...
Fat Fingers: told you what? i am confused..
The Boyfriend: told me you didn't like them
Fat Fingers: ah hehe
Fat Fingers: do i still look "blocky" to you?
The Boyfriend: No I think your hair suits you much better now!
Fat Fingers: yay!
The Boyfriend: hahaha
Fat Fingers: i was a bit worried actually that you prefer the previous one! haha you ah!
The Boyfriend: noooo!
The Boyfriend: Show me the sides again!
The Boyfriend: much better!
Fat Fingers: i think it will be better when it is longer..
Fat Fingers: yay!
Fat Fingers: u sure u are not lying?
The Boyfriend: shows more of your face and not so heavy!
Fat Fingers: hehe yeah i say so too
The Boyfriend: 100% my love!
The Boyfriend: The thing about the hair was that it is much worse than a pair of trousers....cos you have already done it and can't do much about it!
The Boyfriend: That's why I got you to look at the haircuts online yesterday hehehe
Fat Fingers: haha yes
The Boyfriend: sneaky me!
Fat Fingers: ah hahaha u are just trying to cover yourself now.. YOU ah!
The Boyfriend: not at all!
Fat Fingers: yeah right haha
The Boyfriend: Cover what?
Fat Fingers: cover your backside!
The Boyfriend: I did like it from the front...the problem I had was not being a hairdresser I couldnt' really say what I didn't like about it
The Boyfriend: anyway it's all good now cos you look great!
Fat Fingers: hehehe yay
The Boyfriend: yeah I think that's what made it worse...knowing that you put so much store in my opinion! I was like ... eeek!
Fat Fingers: hahahahaha yeah hehehe sorry baby!
The Boyfriend: you don't have to be sorry!
The Boyfriend: It all worked out ok as it always does with you and me!
The Boyfriend: I think you look great now!
Fat Fingers: really .. ur bad mood has got something to do with the hair and white lies? hehehe
The Boyfriend: But I still don't have an answer....do you accept white lies or do you want me 100% honest or would you just perfer me to judge for myself hahahaha
Fat Fingers: er.. i don't know really.

Yeah.. i really didn't know what to say about that question cos sometimes you just want people to say what you want to hear.. Sometimes.. the truth hurts..
Like the boyfriend.. who didn't tell me i look like Spongebob Squarepants and said i look great so i won't get upset! Hahaha

Update : micheLLe, check this out. My previous hair was like S54 but the side is longer. Now it is like S55 . hehehe


defy angel said...

Yah truth hurts!
That is why we hear white lies all the times..... no choice. this is how the world turns around.
My boss once said to me and my colleagues before....
"Can you guys take the truth or not? I can tell u the truth but tell me how U will react if I am transparent to u?"
Guess this could also applies to our day to day life.....husbands telling white lies to wifes (my colleagues always lie to their spouse about working late when we go out partying).... kids doing the same to their parents as well...

As for ur haircut, hehe.....dun fret about it. Yr hair will grow back again and den u can get a new haircut! kekekeke.....
New year new Look! Treat it as a makeover for the new year!

Bubblemunche said...

I'm confused already :D!

Sometimes, it's better to tell white lies lor.....

sari said...

heh now Im really curious bout yr new hairdo~ hmmm

Fat Fingers said...

Defy_Angel : haha yeah my hair will grow back. I can't wait! I am now happy with my hair.. no more square head..

Bubbles : haha yeah the boyfriend thinks so too .. that's why he didn't tell me i look like spongebob squarepants earlier! hahaha

micheLLe : I would love to show you hohoho but cannot leh.. but it is short .. with layers.. hahaha :D

Jayaxe said...

Hmmmm, this question is very hard to answer!

When people say the truth in that I've become fat, I don't like it but yet it motivates me to slim down.

Anyway, your new hairstyle (S55) looks okay, I guess. It's just thinner than S54, isn't it?

Scarlett Ting said...

Phil is a good name
*koff* it is.

Ignore me. Haha, the hairstyle looks cute. why not u post a pic of u with it? *beams*

cheeky said...

It's always good to tell white lies. Save me all the troubles.

tommi said...

wah liao...u recorded word for word what u and ur bf spoke over the phone...u bf better do the same in case his opinion for similar issue change the next time...heeeheee...btw, think ur prev hairstyle looks better...just an honest opinion..heehee

FF said...

Definitely looks better than before. :) I can't have short hair like you because not only do i have fat fingers, i have a fat face too.

ningx said...

i have short hair too! and its almost the same hahahahaha :D
but i have to tie up my hair :(

stupid school rules....................

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe : Yeah.. me too.. like sometimes i prefer ppl to tell me the truth so i don't look stupid or what.. but sometimes i don't want them to tell me.. hahaha so luan!

Scarlett Ting : i cannot show my face yet..in case Dick or anyone in the office stumbles upon this blog.. hehehe

Cheeky : i think you should talk to Dr. Phil about it.. too much white lies.. not good leh haha

Tommi : No lah.. i where got so free? We chat on the internet most of the time. Telephone calls are expensive.. and why you never tell white lie and say my current hairstyle is better? ahahaha Yeah that hairstyle doesn't look good on me though.. i look like a retard / Spongebob Squarepants..

FF : i didn't know you have fat fingers too hehe. My face is quite round.. but it's small..

Ningx : Yah your school.. wassup with the rule man? Touch collar only what.. not shoulder! I think you tie two pigtails... hehehe like Pippi Longstocking.. SO CUTE! hee hee

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

I used to worry so much about getting a bad hair cut. But now, it's short, and if it's ugly, it grows out in a month's time!