Monday, January 24, 2005

i am still trying..

Fat Fingers is on MC tomorrow!
Ho Ho Ho!

I am down with a fever, cough and sore throat. I told the doc i want to rest at home tomorrow and he said "sure!"

I want to get away from work hahahaha and also to rest so i can get well before The Boyfriend is here and before CNY.


Anyway there were 45 emails in the INbox waiting for me today. GRRRR.. not a great way to start of my monday..

And i found out .. bloody Dick head has been checking on me.. like calling the Planners to see if i have replied their emails or did what they told me to do.
How professional is that? Why can't he just come and ask me?!?!?!!?!
And he called up this girl from Japan and told her, my COWorker is upset with her (japanese lady). How can he do that??

Argh I hate Dick.. i hope he gets genital warts and he has to quit his job and his wife will divorce him and he has to go back to vietnam and become a farmer...

Ok i take that back.. i shall try not to hate him!
Wo ren.. wo ren..

A few more mths to go only!!
Going to be feb soon! Wahahahaahah


defy angel said...

Haha...Fat Fingers...I thought...I thought...U trying to LURVE ur "DICK" boss and trying hard not to HATE him???
Difficult hor?????

Jayaxe said...

Oh dear, take care. Did you try to get 5 days of MC? Hehe.

Anonymous said...

fat fingers!
*pats pats. i hope you're feeling much better. i remember u feeling this sick even before you started work remember remember? (it could be some sort of sign haha.) anywa, your boss lacks professionalism. but, you are a professional and therefore, his antics shouldnt get you down!

he needs some human resource based trainig, sighs.

hope to see you online in the evening later!

tommi said...

try to think that he is trying to make sure all things go on well for you guys with the that way, your effort in trying not to hate your boss is likely to succeed...heeeheee...just kidding ;)

Zen|th said...

Try to get MCs more often la. Haha.

Man, your boss is really such an asshole.

Fat Fingers said...

defy_angel : It's really hard to love him! he always makes things difficult for me! hahaha

Jayaxe : no lah 5 days too much. cannot hehe

Shan : yah, you are right! I was sick on the first day! It must be a signyes he does need to attend some HR courses.. i think i will suggest it to his boss when the time comes hehehe. Oh !!

tommi : sometimes i try.. but we don't trust him.

Zen|th : hahaha i will try to get more but when i think of all the emails sitting in the INbox and the backlogs i have to clear.. i better not.. hehe

ningx said...

i hope someone puts itchy powder all over his phone, or better yet, all over his table muahahahah! and then an annoymous letter comes in saying 'I hope you scratch yourself silly!' :D

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Dick is trying to be Dick Tracy.