Tuesday, January 18, 2005


The Boyfriend can't use his handphone in Italy..So he's using his brother's phone to text me instead...
I feel weird receiving txt msgs from the boyfriend when the phone is showing the brother's name. And i feel weird typing "I love you too" and then sending it to the brother. hahaha

His brother can't stand us sometimes cos we use all the mushy audibles at yahoo messenger. "You guys make me sick", he said. hehehe

17 days to go before i get to see The Boyfriend and about 198 days to go before i meet his brother and the rest of the family. Yahooooo!!


Scarlett Ting said...

Aww.. I feel so excited for you just by reading about your excitement :)

Bubblemunche said...

Muahaha, I get a lot of those 'You make me sick' too :D!

*Bubblemunche is feeling excited for Fat Fingers!*

ningx said...

wah piang!!!!
must blog leh!! when you meet The Boyfriend! :):)
if possible, hush hush send me one photo lah. :) :D

Anonymous said...

(thank you again for enabling annonymous posting for me)
alright fattyfingers sweety. i know how it feels about the texting part. my boyfriend has had to endure text messages sent by me from my mum's cellphone. hah he was like ARGGGGGH! i mean hey:) haha.

Anonymous said...

argh i forgot to leave my name!

-weishan. yaaays:)

Jayaxe said...

Wah, he's in Italy? I thought he's in UK?

Fat Fingers said...

Hahaha Thank you everyone for being so excited for me! :D

Weishan : I knew it was you hehe.

Jayaxe : He's now on holiday! so jealous, i.