Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mount. Koya, Japan

I was looking at some of my old photographs and came across photos that We (Mr. Fat Fingers and I) took in Japan.
Koyasan is in the World Heritage List. It's about 80min from Osaka. It's high up in the mountain and the train ride is quite exciting!!

It's really a quiet town... and very small too..
There is a cemetry there and there are over 200,000 graves in there!

Anyway, i was looking at the photos and recalled this incident..

We were walking in the cemetry to get to one of the temples...and we saw this Japanese guy about 60yrs
old or so... He was standing in front of a tombstone and he was crying... We didn't know what to do.. and he looked at us and we could see the sadness in his eyes. So i asked him if he's alright and he told me that was his family's grave and those little figurines next to the tombstones are his parents and brothers and sisters...

He then shoved me his disposable camera asked me to take a photo of him with his family!
After taking the photo, he thanked me and asked me a few questions and we said goodbye and went off in different directions. A few minutes later, we turned around and saw him again! Just behind us! We swear we didn't see him or hear him coming!!! It was so spooky! Mr Fat Fingers and I almost jumped out of our skin. The man came and said thank you to us again! And then he left... and we didn't see him after that. It was quite spooky then cos we were in a cemetry! And it was really quiet!!!!

Hmm.. I wonder how this man is now.. I hope he's ok.

The cemetry in Mount Koya

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Sibeh Sian said...

Wasted! You should have asked him for 4 numbers!