Friday, May 05, 2006

I Love Fridays!

because Friday is Green Wing day!

Green Wing is my favourite series on tv now! I like it more than I like Little Britain!
These guys are way too funny!

Green Wing is about this bunch of people who work in the hospital ... and they are a bunch of lunatics! Sometimes the jokes are really crude! So crude i can't get it that I have to ask Mr. Fat Fingers. We'd all be laughing out loud in the lounge every friday night because it's just so funny!

My favourite character is Dr. Alan Roderick Statham (ARS is his initial! HAHAHAHA) He's the guy with the moustache in the clips below!

If you do get a chance, please get the DVD! You can get them at other sites. You can also view more of the clips at


Dan said...

we get Green Wing on central channel too. the poker-faced sense of humour is wicked. keke..

Fat Fingers said...

yeah it's great right? I wonder if they censored any parts? cos some jokes are quite crude LOL!

Are they showing season 1 or season 2? season 2 is ending soon! :( Boo hoo hoo!!!!