Saturday, May 13, 2006

Very Bad Things

Last night i stayed up to watch "Very Bad Things".
It's a black comedy.

It's about this guy, Kyle, and his friends who went to Las Vegas for his stag weekend and his friend, Michael accidentally killed the stripper and they decided (after much discussion...) to just bury her in the desert. Unfortunately, the security came and discovered the body. Kyle's friend, Boyd, played by Christian Slater, decided to kill the security guard and they cut them up and buried them in the desert.

Not long after, a few of them cracked up and they started killing each other. It's hilarious.

There were many times, they were all shouting and fighting over it that I wanted to just shout "Shut up! & Move on!!" hehehehehe

Yeah, it's quite a good show to watch on a boring saturday night.

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