Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I have just finished the second last ASSignment for the year! I have one more to go!! It's due at the end of this month! After that I can move on and start on my dissertation!!

I have been missing my family a lot the past few days... and I also have been coming across lots of pictures of Singapore food! First, it was on myalterego's blog! There were pics of curry fish head!! And a few days ago, i saw pictures of Or luak and curry fishhead on Todayonline! Then i came across this blog by Kitchen Crazy Daffy! There were pics of chui kway and kway chup (i like!) ! Then, on Mandrake's blog, there were pics of Lor Mee!

Wah!!!!! I cannot take it anymore!!!

And i also feel like eating chicken rice! NOW!!!! But I can only have it in June! When I'm back at Mr. Fat Fingers'! He better cook it for me! hahahahaha

Yeah besides the food.. i really do miss my family!
Today I spoke to Mini Me on skype. I miss her so much! She kept giving me riddles!! heehehe! It was so much fun!

She gave me this:
Why do lions like to eat raw meat?
Because they don't know how to cook!


She's only 7 and has taken lots of interest in jokes and riddles recently! And she kept asking me to give her some riddles! I have been googling for riddles but i am running out of riddles to give her!

So if anyone of you have any riddles (suitable for kids please!), please tell me! With the answers of course! hehehehe :D Thank you!


Anonymous said...

How does an elephant get down from a tree?
Sits on a leaf and waits for autumn!

Sibeh Sian said...

I just had chicken rice for lunch :)

Fat Fingers said...

anon: i dun get the riddle leh? hmmmm

sibeh sian: i think i know who you are! and ... you make me sibeh upset!! grrrrrrr

Lexandria said...

Qns: 神在天空中骐什麽?

Ans: “神奇宝贝”!It meant pokemon in chinese hehe.