Thursday, May 04, 2006


I went to look for my lecturer today to ask him if he could be my supervisor for my dissertation cos i changed my topic again... Actually he's the same one i asked the other time but i had to inform him that I'm doing something else...

Anyway, when i went into his room, the first thing he told me was...

Prof: You were very smart yesterday!
Me: Huh? Me?
Prof: Yes! Your presentation. It was very smart! Well done!
Me: Oh thanks! But i think I spoke too fast?
Prof: Yes you did! I didn't have time to look at your maps properly! But they were very good.
Me: Oh.. Thank you!

Hehehehehe! It nice to be complimented hehehe especially by my professor. I hope he will give me good marks for my report too hehehehe

Oh.. I have one and a half more project to do! Then I can finally work on my dissertation!!

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