Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I'm back in the UK!
The weather hasn't been exactly great... but... still it's great to be back!
The past week was spent fighting jet lag and catching up with the shows that Mr Fat Fingers has recorded for me!
It's mostly Little Britain and The Worst Week of my life.

Anyway while watching Little Britain.. i saw a familiar was Steven Lim!

No no no... not that Singapore Idol wanna be who used to pluck eyebrows oustide CK Tangs..

... but this Steven Lim! The guy from the series "Growing Up".

He appeared as a Thai Waiter on Little Britain!
And i did some googling and found out that he is playing the Tibetan Monk in the production "TinTin in Tibet"!

By the way... i think i really have short attention span.... i'm about to do some revision but i kept checking bloglines to see if anyone has updated their blogs! or i'll go send some emails or check for available assignments at this co. website. Mr. Fat Fingers and i have signed up to be mystery shoppers! hehehe. Some assignments allow us to have free pub meals and beer! Oooh pies! hehehe

OK.. better get back to my revision!... maybe i should just plug off the LAN cable.. hmmmm :D


du5tzz said...

i reckon he looks better in the older days.. now he looks so terrible.. cant stand him

defy angel said...

din know that he left Spore for other exploration!

my alter ego said...


i think i know which company you signed up for to be mystery shoppers.

me sister and i been doing it too...and we ate so much pub food that we also sianz of them already.

Ah 9 said...

i always mistake both steves...both looked gh3y to me. :S

Anonymous said...

Exams period makes you question your sanity... why study?? After the exams, you can't remember what was the big deal...

I am quite curious as to how you are going to cook the tighs. Roast, fried, steam, boil, bbq and???

8 P