Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother

Argh! Watching Celebrity Big Brother today really made my blood boil!

I hate Dennis Rodman and George Galloway.

Dennis Rodman is aggressive.. and rude!!!!
George Galloway is stupid for a politician!! I think all the MPs will laugh at him when he goes back to the House of Parliament!!

I was watching Richard and Judy today too. They interviewed 3 MPs and they were all laughing at George Galloway! hahahaha! One of them said there will be a saucer of milk waiting for him! hahahaha Oh that's cos he was pretending to be a cat in one of the tasks.. and i was cringing watching him doing that! I cannot imagine our MPs in Singapore doing that!!! Check out the video below!

So did you cringe?? I mean.. want to be a pussy cat.. then just mew lor.. why must put your head on Rula's lap?? hmmmm..

I wish my girlfriends back in Singapore are watching it with me! So we can discuss about it!! hahaha! It's so boring not being able to discuss it with anyone here cos most of my friends here have no tv!

Mr. Fat Fingers has no tv reception in the cellar so he can't watch it... and his mum think it's crap so she said we are forbidden to watch it in her presence! -_- ....

I have been updating Mr. Fat Fingers about it too hehe. I am glad he will be here this Friday! We are going to watch the finals together! hahahaha

Oh i was so upset watching it just now! So i voted to evict George.. twice!! So angry lor..

I think this post is not making sense to most of you cos most of you are Singaporeans and are not watching the show.. sigh. haha

But i still want to say .. i think Celebrity Big Brother is really entertaining and George Galloway sucks!

I hope the celebs are sleeping late tonight so i can watch the live feed from 12 to 1 am on Ch4! ! hahahaha Oh if i had cable tv here, my tv would be tune in to E4 and i will just watch them fight against each other! It's much interesting than the recent fight in the Singapore blogsphere! -_*

Hmm i just re-read my post.. i think maybe i need to get a life hahahaha i sound so pathetic here! But.. it's really interesting leh! Aiyah you all don't understand one lah! hehehehe

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