Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hello to you!

Someone from the UK (Ericsson bham Uni) has been checking my blog... He/She has been reading my posts.. from the first to the last! Well most of them i guess.. And as i am writing this, i think he/she is still reading it! Cos i refresh my statcounter to see the same IP address LOL! As i am reading this, he/she is reading my 2004 Nov archive!! hehehehe

Anyway, hello! Welcome to my blog! :D

It's funny i think.. how someone can be so interested in my life hehe. Feels kinda good too LOL! Yah it can be scary too... sometimes i check my statcounter and am horrified that people are searching for me.. it's scary.. like why?? why search for me?!?!?!?! Did i do something wrong? or?

Anyway, i clicked on some of the archives that this person has been reading.. and i read my previous posts about Dick! I can't even remember some of the things he did to us...!! But it was nice to read it again and i was laughing out loud just now cos i am so glad i am no longer working with/for Dick!!!!

I am not sure if i still hate him THAAAT much.. maybe not that much.. but i still hate him. If he were to be a president.. he would be George Bush i think! LOL!

And then i read some posts about what Mini Me has said to me.... like on my birthday last year... when i asked her where's my present.. she said she has no money to buy me one so she will just give me kiss! Awww so cute!

I miss my nieces and family so much!!! I wish i am back home for the Chinese New Year!!! I can't wait to call home this weekend.... and talk to them!

OK CBB (Celebrity Big Brother) live feed is starting soon! LOL.. i think i will go lie in bed.. and watch it for a while ... just a little whie... before i go to bed.

I need to get a life!!!!!!!! LOL!

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wq said...

i feel the same abt my ex manager :P