Sunday, October 01, 2006


I've been watching Japanorama on BBC2 every week. It's by Jonathan Ross ( and he has a blog too at myspace!) and it's really funny! He's funny too!

Anyway, watching Japanorama makes me want to go back to Japan! Everytime Jonathon Ross introduced some of the places or stuff in Japan, I'd go.. "Oh I've been there!!!!".. or "Oh! I know this!!!"

The boyfriend and I were talking in bed the other day about what we are going to do and when to do it.. because.... age is catching up on us and if we were to have kids (hehe i want a girl and I want to call her kate..but he thinks Kate is ok but not good enough but that's another story!!), we must do it soon! So anyway, he is thinking of taking a TEFL course (teaching english as a foreign language) and then teach English in Japan and i could become a GIS analyst/consultant there.. Hmmm.. I guess I would have to start to dig out my japanese books (once i'm back in Singapore) and send them back here so I could study them again. My japanese is so bad now... it's beyond belief. (I once could impress the Japanese bosses with my Japanese and also my lame Japanese jokes hehehe.) But never mind, I still can say "map" in Japanese.. so maybe that's ok! Hahaha

So maybe in 2 years time.. I'll be in Japan.. or maybe not. We just say say only lah.. I still want to work in London for now.. because I want to get some experience first! I am also thinking.. after I get married to the boyfriend and become a PR.. maybe i can study for a part time urban planning or transport planning course because I think they are so interesting! But then I'm not looking forward to doing assignments and taking exams and stuff...

Sigh.. I wish I were young again... so I can do all these things without worrying that age is catching up on me.. but then I guess if I were young (again).. i'd probably not have a clue what I really want to do! Know what i mean??

Anyway, check this video out.. Jonathan Ross talked about this comedy show from Japan. It's called
"Oh! Mikey"and it's about this american family (The Fuccons) staying in Japan.. and instead of using actors (as in human beings).. they used mannequins. It's really interesting! I like the part when they all go "HAHAHAHA" together..


lakeside girl said...

It's so funny that it's almost....scary. Gives me the shivers haha.

lakeside girl said...

Oh i'm talking about the video of cos. Nothing scary about calling your future daughter Kate, hehe. It's a lovely name anyways.

xcake said...

"Oh! Mikey!' I love it. Some people posted a few clips of it on

Check it out for more interesting Jap shows!

Fat Fingers said...

xcake, thanks for the link! :D very much appreciated!

lakeside girl, yeah the mannequins can be quite scary!

michie said...

Everytime I come across a post where pple say they wanna go to Japan, I always say pls goooooo! Its the best place ever .. and I wud really love to go back again n again n again~ Hehehehe but I know Id love Italy more if I do go there this dec.. hehehe

limegreenspyda said...

omg! almost died laughing! thanks for putting up the link! really needed that today.

i'm still struggling with my thesis, and you can't believe how envious i am of you! and congrats for landing yourself a job, too!

Coal said...

“ We just say say only lah.. ”
This cracked me up - sounds like exactly the sort of thing you'd say. Dunno about the fat fingers though. Who are you by the way?

Watched a couple of the Jonathan Ross programmes and didn't get on with them. Something about him wearing red trousers and sunglasses and strolling around my Tokyo as if he owned the place. I'll wage he'd run a mile in panic if he tried to so much as order a beer only to be told in simple Edo-ben that “nobody in Japan has the faintest clue what Carling is.” And I want to be standing there watching, laughing in his stupid semi-concealed face, right there on camera. “THERE'S your Japanorama” I'd shout to the crying women of Britain who eagerly follow his slightly impedimented antics weekly. “He can't even order a beer!” I would then order one myself, drink it down in one go, and then burp “gochisosama” in appreciation looking utterly refreshed, while Woss sits round the corner crying, wondering why the can of Chu-Hi some homeless guy has just given him out of charity is getting him drunk. That is the least such a man deserves.