Saturday, November 04, 2006


I met a funny cab driver the other day... but not as funny as the one Mark met...

Me: High holborn off Drury Lane please.

Cab Driver: Are we going to the theatre?

Me: Nope. It's the Travelodge Hotel.

Cab Driver: I ain't going to a hotel with you! We've just met!! I thought a nice young lady like you would bring me to the theatre

Me: hehehe. I ain't going to the theatre..

Cab Driver: But we've just met! What happened to going to the theatre, have a meal and get to know each other first?

Me: hehehe *nervous laughter and not sure what else to say* erm yeah.. it's always better to get to know each other first.

Cab Driver: How about you pay for the dinner, the tickets and the hotel and i pay for the cab fare?

Me: HAHAHAHAHA I think i'll just pay for the cab fare... thank you!


Anyway Travelodge sucks! well not really... the room is actually not bad.. but having to pay £1.95 (that's about SGD6) for a miserable toothbrush and toothpaste is outrageous!!! Holiday Inn Express is also a budget hotel and they still gave me a free toothbrush and toothpaste! So why can't they do that too?? Grrrr! Ah well... at least I didn't have to pay for the room! No lah.. it's my co. who paid for the room lah.. not the cab driver! haha

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limegreenspyda said...

eiks! i'm also going to be bunking in at a budget hotel this weekend in sydney. it's got communal toilets/bathrooms. so. i'm bringing my own toiletries, thanks very much!

that was a cheeky cabbie! hahaha! :D