Friday, November 10, 2006

Dick head

My ex-COWorker have been updating me about Dick... and as always he is a Dick head!!

He has been using the company email to flirt with someone he met and then he gave the password to most of his staff so that they can do his work for him!! And of course, some of them use it to check his emails (secretly)... (yes that is not an ethical thing to do.. but let's talk about this some other day, shall we? hehehe)

So now they have discovered that Dick is having an affair... and when they told me, I told them I don't believe them because:

a) Dick is a cheapskate and he wouldn't spend money on some woman (unless that woman is paying for everything OR he is using his company credit card to pay for everything!!)

b) Dick is ugly.. why would anyone want to flirt/sleep/or have anything to do with him??

c) Dick has a beautiful wife.... and 2 boys.. why would he do that? (anyway, i heard it is an arranged marriage so maybe he really doesn't love her... i don't think she loves him either cos he is so ugly! haha .. )

But it is really true... my ex-COWorkers followed him when he said he is going to have lunch and they peeped from behind the pillar! hahahaha And then conversation like these (though not in these exact words) were exchanged (in the emails)

Dick: I want to hug, kiss and carress you all over! I hope you do the same too.

Dick's Lover: Oh I can't sleep last night because I have been thinking of you, you bad boy.
Dick: Haven't you heard? Good things always come to those who wait.

Dick: The room number is 02-16 which is the same as my birthday!

YUCKS YUCKS YUCKS. I really don't want to know this.. ok maybe i do hahaha

This Dick and his lover are so disgusting, i think! Both have family and kids! Grrrr!! I hope they get STD!!

My ex-COWorkers are now wondering which hotel he went to since he is such a cheapskate hahahaha. They said it must be Hotel 88.. I said no.. I think it is one of those motels in Geylang!!!!

And i was hoping that when I'm back in Singapore, I will go follow him and take pics haha like a PI.. but unfortunately he will be leaving Singapore (for good!) before I'm back! Damn!

And i told my ex-Coworkers that this is the time for revenge!!! But they dare not do anything because they are afraid that they might get sued for reading his email! If it's me, i'd fwd those emails to IT or the MD.. or maybe just use it to blackmail him.. or email it to his wife.. or paste it on the notice board or leave it in the pantry!!! I think leaving it in the pantry or on the notice board is the best.. or print the email and put it in the MD's pigeon hole. Don't think there is enough CCTV in the office!!! Oh how i wish I'm back there now and plotting my revenge!! I've been asking my ex-COWorkers to expose him... but of course, my ex-COWorkers all need the job and $$$ so they can't do it... such a waste and so very annoying! NOW is the time to get back at that bloody Dick! But nevermind.. he will get his retribution some day and hopefully STD and genital warts!

Die Dick Die! You total waste of space!!!!


Sibeh Sian said...

HOLY MACARONI :P! This is too juicy, really.... please feed my kaypoh mind with more updates on Dick, haha....

And he passes his password to his staff so they will do his work for him? My goodness....

Dunc said...

Would (could?) they get sued? After all, he gave his password to them! And you can ask any IT security person about that and they will say what a bloody stupid thing that is!
Also, he is abusing company email by using it for frivolous purposes i.e. flirting. I'm sure if his boss and IT security person found out what he had done, he would get shot lol.

Anonymous said...

Wahhh he's so daring! To use the company's email to do la affaire.

Seems like everybody hates him. How did he rise to be the boss anyway (I mean, not as the "highest" boss. But he's still a boss, right?)