Sunday, December 10, 2006


So Dick is still having his affair... and guess what? He talked dirty to the slut using the co. email.. he said he wants her to kiss and suck his private part (yes he talked dirty but he never said cock.. he said private part! hahaha where got ppl talk dirty and use the word "private part" one??) but he hopes she will not bite it. Then he said he wants to squeeze and suck her B (which we all assume is breasts.. unless he meant butt..hmm)

Dick is gross! I still can't understand what that slut sees in him! I guess she just wants to play around..

I hope he gets genital warts soon and I hope he gets exposed and his wife will leave him for someone better and the husband of the slut will beat him up till he is unrecognisable!! muahahhaa

Dick sucks! hahahaa
I hope i get to bump into him and his slut girlfriend when I am back in Singapore! and that will be in 3 weeks time! ...20 days to be exact! And i will bring my digicam everywhere i go!!!! hehehehehehehe

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