Saturday, May 14, 2005

Speak Good English, ok!

Fat Fingers : Eh, you got read the papers today or not?
Friend : What?
Fat Fingers : PM Lee said, "Please lor you all! Speak good EngRish leh!"
Friend : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My engRish not powderful enough meh?

I was out with my friends today and i was trying hard to speak good English because PM Lee said so and because.. i wanted to. But.. i can't! I'm used to speaking to my close friends in Singlish! When i talk to strangers or people i am not close to, i use perfect English.

So when i told my friends to speak good English they told me.. "Aiyah, we are Singaporeans! Singaporeans talk to Singaproeans can use singlish lah! When we talk to ang mohs, we will switch back to proper English! No problem one!"

But Dick Lee said, if we use proper English, we will still be is ok one!


Speaking about "Hor", don't use it in places where Singlish is not recongised ok?
My friend who was studying in the US wrote an email to her Singaporean friend and used the word, "hor", many times in the email.
The IT people checked her email and she was summoned to the Principal's office. He asked her who she was calling a whore! And what "whore fun" was she talking about!

Aiyoh!! So.. please lor you all, speak good engRish ok!


Jayaxe said...

If the PM knows you're going to England, he should say something like "You better speak good English and don't lose our face. Don't pray pray leh!" Hahaha.

kachuaz said...

singlish is a form of identity for us.

think of it as a form of dialect.


Raz said...

I blogroll you, hor, can? Can la...

Bittersweet said...

i think when you are with your friends you will tend to speak in Singlish! i think that is because Singlish is like a causual and familiar way of talking to people that you know. If you are speaking to a perfect stranger, i think you would automatically start to speak good english!
Government has a messed up brain. First they are asking us to speak good mandarin next thing they say speak good english. So what the hell are we supposed to say!

you say nehx

limegreenspyda said...

i tInK wE Shd SpeAK iN wAteVer mEdiUM bEsT uNDErsTOod bY oUR iNTendeD lISTenErZ. tAt iZ tHE bOTTomlInE oF COmmunIcAtIOn, rITe?

wAH sEi, dAmn hArd 2 tYPe lYK dIs LeH. N haRDer 2 ReaD HoR? :)

blablabla said...

Hor, fun?
Become that.
That is funny!!!! :D:D:D:D

Filee Falee said...

The last bit was hilarious.
But Singlish can be quite fun sometimes.
It's hard to replace words like hor, meh, lar etc.
'This is damn funny lar!' sounds different from 'this is damn funny' yea.

Ambiga said...

The email one so funny!!!!

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe : yah he will surely say me one! haha

Kachuaz : yeah! hehe

Raz : can can! no problem one! hehe

Bittersweet : yeah that's true! hehe

Sypda : wah! welly hard to read leh your typing! haha

Ningx / Ambiga : it wasn't funny when my friend was in the Principal's office! hahaha

Filee Falee : yeah Singlish is fun. I love to speak singlish with my friends. and laugh at our bad engRish haha