Sunday, May 08, 2005

My new hobby!

In case you haven't notice, i have a new hobby!

It's cooking and baking! Yahoo!

Yesterday i made pizza and char siew.
Today i made the David Eyre's Pancake, cooked Wanton Noodles and Sze Chuan Chicken.

This weekend, i'm thinking of making Dumplings, Red Bean Buns and practice my egg tarts (again!). Hmmmm

I also want to make more pizzas! (More Kneaading!!)

& I've literally parked myself at The Baker's blog and Sari Party Girl's Recipe page! hahaha
I've also bookmarked all the recipes of the things i want to learn!

Aiyoh, so many things to cook, so little time.. :D


frenie said...

yah, realised tt ur hobby has been cooking and baking. Actualli it is fun except for the washing up. Cook more and post some pics.

suspiciousbastard said...

Go be a cook.

ThugChic said...

Is Dick back yet? We want more "i-hate-my-boss" stories!!!

Hahahhaa, now i know whr to get gd recipes. Thanks ya..=)

Dan said...

u should really consider open an eatery in UK and charge your customers a bomb..

the baker said...

haha i couldn't agree with you more! esp on your last sentence. everyday I check out recipes and bear in mind which to try when i'm free. but sometimes there is really very little time to try them all!

haha i think you should take dan's advice there. how long will you be in UK anyway? i suggest you stay there after you get your masters and open a restaurant. =) go for it. because i know that's what i intend to do. it's one of my goals. i seriously love the UK.

Fat Fingers said...

frenie : yah i hate the washing up part! My mother said she will ban me from using her kitchen if i don't wash up after i cook :(

suspiciousbastard : hmm maybe. I must practice more first. hehe

ThugChic : Yes he is back! He has been behaving himself these few days.. hmmm not much stories leh hahaha

Dan : yah maybe! must practice more first. I only know how to cook a few dishes leh. hahahaha

the baker : Now i don't even want to go out with my friends during the weekend cos i want to stay at home to cook and bake! hahaha

I will be in the UK to study for a year. The Boyfriend is there so i might stay on and hopefully he will marry me so i can be a PR and then maybe be a "hawker" there hehehe.
I bet your restaurant will have very good business. Actually, i think you should open a Culinary school there! Sure have business one, i tell you! :D

MyOrangeSweater said...

Fat fingers, I lazy lah, I just buy those instant food packets from Prima, quick, easy, and actually good.

Remember to bring some of those with you to UK, 'cos ingredients are hard to come by and even if they are available, they are expensive man! If you have a good "bao" recipe, pls let me have it, thanks hor!

jettykey said...

I agree with Frenie. The washing is the most tedious part. Lucky thing you have your mom to help with washing.

sari said...

I wish ingredients are free so I can cook and bake as much as I want~ hehehe.. welcome to da cooking club! U have found a chef in yoU! heehee u really shd geta breadmaker machine, cus they cna make really soft n fluffy bread~ hehehe

aGent X said...

just when i taught you have channeled your energy else where....(u still hate your boss)....hehehe

MyOrangeSweater said...

Orhhhh, Fat Fingers, go UK and get married, not study!! Now we all know you real motive, hehehe. ;P

limegreenspyda said...

haha! as you can tell, i'm delirious and satiated! can you believe, 2 girls ate 500g of char siew?! and 2 cups of rice! thanks for the recipe! i'll gonna make it again next week! :)))))))

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

everyone's into cooking now?? I better junp on the cooking bandwangon too..

I'm already planning to start with chinese soups...

Fat Fingers said...

Lynne : haha don't say it out loud mah.. ssshhhh. Yah i must bring lots of ingredients there! Don't worry if the recipe is good i will surely share with you :D

Anna : SOmetimes it's quite scary to have my mama next to me when i wash up! Everything i do, she will "Say" me :D

Agent X : hahaha yah i still hate him! hee hee

Spyda : YAY! and WOW! 500g between 2 girls! 500g can last us only 3 days and there's like.. 6 of us! hahaha! I'm happy that you are happy! hehe. You can also make wanton noodles too hehehe

Popcorn : yah! We all cooking siao now! Please join us and share the soup recipes! I love soup! :D hehehe