Tuesday, May 24, 2005

C is for Cookie and W is for Wah Lau!

Last Sunday, i made cookies.. and i had a hard time trying to "cream" the butter and sugar because i do not have an electric mixer at home..
It was very very tiring! Imagine, You're the human mixer!

I had to hold the mixing bowl with my left hand and use my right hand to cream it, with the egg beater.

Very Tiring you know! There was a time that i had to sit down and grip the mixing bowl in between my thighs and cream the mixture with my two hands! (The Boyfriend said that sounds sexy... but let me tell you.. It's NOT!!)

While i was doing that, i kept saying this to myself, "I am a human egg beater! I am a human egg beater! I AM A HUUUMAAAN EEEGGG BEAAATEEEEEEER!!"

I had to get my mother to help me too.. and also my sister! We took turns to cream the mixture..

My chewy chocolate cookies turned out good.. so did my right arm i think. I can see the muscle popping out.. But it's still aching though hahaha.

I need an electric mixer!!

Fat Fingers : I need to get an electric mixer so i can bake more cookies and cake

Mama : Don't need
Fat Fingers : But if i don't get it i will have to do all the creaming and mixing manually!! Very tiring!
Mama : Use the machine lah.
Fat Fingers : Yah.. that's why i want to get one?!?!
Mama : Don't need! Have one at home what?! It's right inside the cabinet.
Fat Fingers : Wah Lau!!!! Why didn't you tell me earlier?!?!?!?!

Argh! My mama! We had the machine all along! And she thought i knew and was wondering why i prefer to use my hand instead of the machine!



shan said...


yes! actually that sounded rather sexy!:) and ohmygosh u so must let me try some!! but wahlaus seriously if i were u i would have died after mixing.

but still. it sounded sexy! haha.

frenie said...

piangz. At least u got toned muscles.

MyOrangeSweater said...

Wah piang! You should deny your dear old mother your cookies (made of sweat and blood). Dun even let her get within 10 feet of them!!

oddlola said...

Right arm muscle big big left arm how???

Lexandria said...


Then you'll have no fat fingers anymore!


Then you'll not be fat fingers anymore.



C is for cookie, cookie is for ME.
- Cookie Monster From Sesame Street.

the baker said...

haha... man i do feel your pain. I did just that, the other day when my mixer spoiled. it died on me when making the dough for my cinn buns and i still had yet to make my peanut butter cookies so i had no choice but to mix it by hand... with the good 'ol whisk.
i whisked so hard i almost died.. haha my arm was literally burning! (and it ached the next day) but heh it's supposed to be good exercise eh? lol....

well at least now you know you've actually got the machine at home! no need to suffer anymore...

Filee Falee said...

I totally understand about the 'creaming' part! It's friggin' pure hard work!

And your mama is so funny. Subconsciously, she probably does enjoy doing it the hard way!

Zen|th said...

Haha. Your mother's so funny. Maybe she enjoyed watching you work hard in the kitchen.

Fashionasia said...

seriously when i bake cookies i normally choose to beat it manually as in using hands. The results are much better cos cookies taste better rough cos sometimes if u use electric mixer the cookies seems to turn out flat with smooth surface...blueehh... :P
Oh but the mixer is darn usefull for fluffing the eyewhites when u need to bake a cake u definately need one....

jettykey said...

This is funny! Your fingers are put to good use again. Haha. ... why didn't you check with your mom first? Wah Lau indeed! Frankly, I prefer cookies made by hand, the texture is better, more chewy.

Blah! said...

LOLOLOL!! You got me laughing despite my bad throat! And now my throat hurts like hell hahahahahaa...

Fat Fingers said...

shan : it wasn't sexy at all hahahaha

frenie : yes only for my right arm hahaha

Lynne : hahahaha yeah i should do that but she has already finished them!!

One Little Twit : haha carry weights lor.. :(

Lexandria : They are still fat. don't worry hahaha

the baker : yah.. no more human egg beater hahaha

Filee Falee : I think so. i think she really enjoy watching me creaming the mixture!!

Zen|th : haha yeah but not so funny when it happened! hahaha

Fashionasia : oh really? maybe i should use my hands then.. hmm :(

Anna : I asked but she said don't have! I think she thought i was talking about something else!!

Yan : hahaha i hope you;ll get well sooN! :D

Raz said...

Haha... maybe your mum wants you to exercise those arms!
(and I didn't know you are a girl!)

Fat Fingers said...

Raz : haha yeah .. maybe she noticed that my arms are getting flabby hmmm
haha :D yeah i am a girl! hehehehehehee

sari said...

babe, what cookies did u bake? ...becuz as far as I know, most cookies recipes dun need electric mixer~ =)

insanityiscreativity said...

nonetheless u still made nice cookies with that magical whip (i mean egg beater).

It wouldnt be the same if u were to use machine isnt it?

kImMm said...

I was even worse off when I was baking my cinnamon cookies. I had no whisk. I used a fork! I nearly dieded. I need an electric mixer too!