Saturday, May 07, 2005

I Knead Help!

I made pizza today!

Boy, was it hard to make the dough!

I knead help! hahaha I'm always bad with dough! I knead more practice! dough was so bad at first.. i kneaded till i became angry... i kneaded till i have muscles on my arms..( i think! hahaha)

I almost wanted to give up and throw the dough away.... but i decided to knead it one last time and it worked! Yahoo!!

And so, I managed to make some delicious hawaiian pizza! Wooohooo!
I think i passed because my 99 year old grandma said.. "Oh this tastes like those food that you call and have them delivered by those men in helmets." HAHAHAHA

Oh yes, I got the recipe from The Baker Who Cooks. Thank you Baker Girl!
And Sari Party Girl baked some pizza today too! Looks good too!

I am not sure if i will try making pizza again because my arms cannot take it.. Maybe i should carry some weights to strengthen my arms first haha... It's too tiring for me! hehe

Oh i made some Char Siew today too. Here's the recipe! It's much easier than making a pizza hehe. Have fun grilling!


frenie said...

U r in such a baking mood. Bake dick! N feed him to the dogs. hee!
Ur grandmother is so cute leh.

kachuaz said...

maybe u can pop by the supermarkets in WA.

they sell pizza bases in different sizes. hee hee.

den again if you were here, think u rather call Domino's


limegreenspyda said...

wow! i had cheap store-bought frozen hawaiian pizza for brekkie today! pretty good, and zero hassle. but level of satisfaction is waaaayyy lower than yours!

will try out the char siew recipe soon! got craving for char siew rice!

sari said...

Babe, you got pic of yr pizza? let me see tooooo! hehehehe, I tell you.. luckily u did not try baking bread, because I was so pek chek too!!! Bread is da worst of all!!! I used miss baker's recipe and divided into 3.. then u have a personal pan.. very easy! and fast~ hehehe and it worked too!

the baker said...

kudos to you! yay... but seriously, ain't it so satisfying to bite into that lovely piece of heaven and know that you did it all by yourself? i know i do. =) hehe that's why i avoid buying pre-made stuff as much as i can...

wah char siew ah? i've never made that before man. come to think of it, i think i hardly make chinese dishes... don't know why. maybe cos they're so easily available here! but oh, i made tandoori chicken before and wah it was really close to the one they sell at indian rest. (haha i kept disturbing the chefs at this indian restaurant i waitressed at some time back.. they were really nice and taught me how to make it!) I'm a total sucker for spicy foods man.... but i sure want to try your char siew recipe one day...

Fat Fingers said...

Frenie : Yeah she is cute for her age! haha. Yeah i would love to feed Dick to the dogs and rodents! grrrr

Ka Chuaz : WA? Western Australia? I am not there worr haha.

Spyda : Yah you can make wanton noodles too with the char siew! Have fun!

Sari Party Girl : Yeah i took a pic of it but it is a bit pixlelated. I will try to fix it and post it up hehe. I made mini pizzas cos my oven is too small. My nieces love them haha.

The Baker : Yes! It's much better than the pre-made stuff! Yes i was very satisfied haha but very tiring. I might practice again next week or the week after next. ehehe
Wow you must share your tandoori chicken recipe with us! hehe. I love spicy food too!