Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Gone Fishin'...

For sashimi.. hehe


sari said...

and I thought its da real deal!! LoL so sad I dun eat sashimi.. I shd really try... =)

jettykey said...

wow, the freshly caught fish will make the best sashimi.. yum!

Persephone said...

Hey Fat Fingers!

Stumbled in here. I just wanted to tell you that I'm so so happy for a fellow specie - that she's managed to snare such an amazing fiance/ bf who dotes on her and cherishes her so much.

I read the entry with the conversation between you two about your haircut. And I cannot believe he indulged you with that conversation about HAIR! You know how most guys are... cosmetic issues are so not their concern. And that Mr Wonderful here actually sourced out hair styles onlines just for you - I honestly do not know of anyone who would do that.

And that he had such a deep and meaningful convo with you about honesty. He sounds totally committed!!!

Love him and don't ever leave him.

Otherwise you'd just be Stupid Girl with Fat Fingers.

But importantly, the only reason I got so far back to that entry, is coz you're side-splittingly funny and down-to-earth! He's got himself a great catch too


Good luck with everything!!!

Hisreason said...

Argh!! It has been an awfully long fishing trip! I want fish>?!?) Fingers back :D!

Gabrielle said...

sakae sushi at the airport is the best!!!!!

AIRPORT!! nowhere else!

Fat Fingers said...

Sari Party Girl : You should! Sashimi is delicious! with lots of wasabi hee hee

Anna : yes! so good! As long as you don't kill the fish in front of me or make me eat it while it's still moving it will be fine haha

Persephone : Thank you! :) Your comments made my day! :)

Hisreason : hehe yah a bit long leh. very tiring.

Gabrielle : Ok seeing all the "!!!!" maybe i should try haha. :D ...when i'm at the airport!