Sunday, January 08, 2012

Opinions, crying babies and childish "friends"

So there is this Meet and Seat service that KLM has come up with. It allows one person to choose who they want to sit next to based on social media profiles. Link:

I posted it on my FB wall and said it would be great if I am able to choose a seat far away from crying babies or annoying screaming kids.

A few minutes later, I got an angry reply from a friend saying that I should be nice and her baby can't help it if he screams due to the pressure etc and they wouldn't have let him travel unless necessary.. etc etc etc...

Now, all I was saying was I want to be able to CHOOSE a seat far away from them. I didn't say ban them! So i don't understand why she got so mad. Everyone is entitled to have their opinion.

The baby can cry and scream in the plane but I just want to be far away from it all. If I am able to CHOOSE. I know the babies can't help it and can't tell you what's annoying them so they cry and scream. All I was saying is.. i want to be able to CHOOSE! I paid for my air ticket too so I have a right to have an enjoyable flight. Like how you have a right to bring your screaming baby onto the plane. I just want to be able to CHOOSE to sit far away from you! I think even if I explain till my face turns blue, this "friend" would still not understand what I'm trying to say.

So anyway, 2 min after said friend posted on my wall, she went on to post on her wall saying, "Liking dogs is ok but publicly listing them as your children on facebook? That's taking it a bit too far".

Ok lah, I did list my dogs as my children on my fb. Cannot is it? I love them! They are part of my family. Of course, there are boundaries too. I do not actually treat them like children!

Anyway, I think the world has gone mad. If you say you can't stand crying babies or screaming annoying kids, you are seen as evil! I love kids.. when they are well behaved. I get annoyed with my nephews too when they misbehave! Does that make me evil? I just don't like screaming kids...

Anyway, needless to say that person is no longer a friend. Not because she left that angry comment but just because I said something that she doesn't like to hear and she went on to write about me and my dogs on fb.

Life is too short to have childish friends....


Ariel T said...

hehe. What a coincidence. I was going to blog about a childish "friend" too. I was late for our appointment because my boss called for a last-minute meeting. In spite of me trying to explain things to her, she lashed out at me publicly. And threw a tantrum about wanting to go home. She's 32 years old, for goodness sake. Oh my! BTW, do you know who I am? :-) I'm still in the US. I'm so glad to have found you again, Fat Fingers.

Fat Fingers said...

Of course I know who you are Ariel! :D
Ah well, life's too short for childish friends. We have more important stuff to deal with!

Anonymous said...

Your ex-friend obviously also never heard about those gazillionaires that leave their entire fortune to their pets.

I don't like kids.